Size Guide


Extra Small

Breed : Toy, Chihuahua

Neck to tail : 25cm

Mid width : 23.5cm

Tab to cheek : 31.1cm

Strap Length : 22cm maximum


Breed : Terrier

Neck to tail : 35cm

Mid width : 29.6cm

Tab to cheek : 44cm

Strap Length : 28cm maximum


Breed : Spaniel

Neck to tail : 45.5cm

Mid width : 37.6cm

Tab to cheek : 56.7cm

Strap Length : 35cm maximum


Breed : Labrador

Neck to tail : 55.5cm

Mid width : 46.5cm

Tab to cheek : 69.5cm

Strap Length : 44cm maximum

Extra Large

Breed : Pointer

Neck to tail : 65.7cm

Mid width : 55.3cm

Tab to cheek : 82.3cm

Strap Length : 52cm maximum

From time to time custom jackets are available on request depending on the availability of any human pieces we may have. Sadly, we do not offer breed specific coats. Please refer to the size guide to work out the closest fit.

Based on this size guide there is ample information to judge a size and with this in mind no refunds will be given for ordering an incorrect size. All sales are final in this respect. Refunds can only be issued if we have made an error.